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The GarageMaHall is a private venue that hosts musical gatherings. (We would like to say we host House Concerts but that gets the local business license enforcers’ panties in a bunch.)  We also provide rehearsal space for many of our local artists, hold occasional jam sessions, sometimes record friend’s demos, and host several seasonal parties throughout the year.

Once the home to a 360 square foot stage; the garage was recently remodeled to accommodate Richard’s unreasonable need to access his auto hoist.  The new leaner and smaller stage is better suited to the types of acts that have been booked in the past couple of years.  The smaller stage lends itself to a more intimate atmosphere and brings the artist even closer to the audience.  Typical seating is now theatre style as opposed to the former lounge style of the past.

We continue our affiliation as a licensed WoodSongs® Coffeehouse and have featured many artists that have appeared on Michael Jonathan’s Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour.  Over the years we have established a tradition of like-minded people gathering to listen to original music, share some pot luck snacks (This sometimes includes adult beverages.) and meet face-to-face with some very talented and interesting people.

We do not charge for admission or sell tickets.  We only ask that you let us know in advance that you are coming so Richard buys enough water and coffee for everyone.  We encourage you to contribute to the assorted desserts and snacks that taste so good during the intermission; and most importantly, that you consider a gift to the donation box that goes 100% to our visiting artist.


Technical Information

The aforementioned big stage, now repurposed as raised garden beds, was wired to a 24 channel mixing board.  The current “cabaret” stage is wired to the same board but only eight feeds are permanently installed.  The “MaHall” has all of its former capabilities, but now advance planning is critical for performances.  Drums and keyboard, mics and direct boxes have to be pulled from storage if needed.  We still have two-channel monitoring and house sound is via those great JBL speakers.  Richard, in a weak moment sold a subwoofer so we only have one to prop up the sound.   Stage lighting was also reconfigured for the new stage and is better than ever.


Scheduling the GarageMaHall

Betty has teamed up with our friends Cindy and Janet to handle the booking duties.  We have long been participants of the FARWest Folk Alliance Conferences and book most of our talent from those annual meetings.  We have cut our bookings to about four gatherings a year, usually in March, April, September and October.  This does not mean that we aren’t always on the look-out for that special show so feel free to contact us, we may be inspired to add a show or two.

PLEASE NOTE:  The GarageMaHall is not a business.  The GarageMaHall does not create income.  The GarageMaHall is our hobby – sharing music.  All gatherings at the GarageMaHall are for enjoyment only.

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  1. I am a singer/songwriter and I would like to play here if possible! What do I have to do in order to perform here?! Thank you!

    • Although we are not booking right now, we are always interested to be aware of the talent in Las Vegas. Please point us to a site with some music. Best way to contact us is through facebook, garage ma hall musical gatherings or just go to Betty Stewart and you will find it. Emails through our website get bogged down with tons of spam and I don’t always catch the good emails!

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